Animation Showreel 2017 - Steffie Yee

(00:00) 'Tooth' - Short Film in collaboration with Jenny Lee
(00:03) 'Elements' animated documentary project
(00:05) Interactive animation project with Hae Min Lee
(00:09) Self-initiated 1st year project
(00:12) 'Love Machine' with Ayon Bhakta and Christopher Gong
(00:15) 'Tooth'
(00:22) Beams Arts Festival with Claudia Akole
(00:28) 'Elements'
(00:43) 'Tooth'
(00:49) 'Birdsong at Dusk' live visual for The Australia Piano Quartet / Vivid Festival 2016 with Claudia Akole and Steph Davidson
(00:51) Interactive Animation for Betanarratives
(00:54) 2nd year Visual Communication project
(00:57) Self-initiated 1st year project
(00:59) 'Tooth'

Music: Queens of The Stone Age - Go With The Flow